Swing Thoughts
Swing Thoughts, Episode 4: Fred Couples

In this episode, Adam and Fred hit the range at Pelican Hill Golf Club and talk about their experiences from college to golf’s greatest stage. Gloves optional.

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What's in the bag
What's In The Bag: Jon Buscemi

Jon Buscemi gives Adam Scott a detailed breakdown of his WITB.

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Swing Thoughts with Adam Scott

Champion Golfer Adam Scott hits the range with golfers at every level to smack a few balls, obsess over gear, swap tips and share laughs.

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Swing Thoughts, Episode 4: Fred Couples

11:31 Min

In this episode, Adam and Fred hit the range at Pelican Hill Golf Club and talk about their experiences from college to golf’s greatest stage. Gloves optional.

Swing Thoughts, Episode 1: Kelly Slater

10 Minutes

Adam and Kelly hit the range to discuss how the game of golf made Kelly a better surfer, how learning to commit is imperative to be a successful surfer and a successful golfer, and who can hit a better driver off the deck.

Swing Thoughts, Episode 2: Ben Clymer

10 Minutes

Ben Clymer is a well-known founder, host, journalist and all-around creator in the world of watches. However, his passion for well-made things doesn’t stop at the wrist.

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The Fairgame Podcast

Fairgame Creative Director Andrew Haynes and Champion golfer Adam Scott, along with special guests, discuss golf, life and everything in between.

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True Spec Golf Fitting Facility
New Clubs? More Lessons? Let's Ask the Experts.
63 Min

For this episode, we’re sitting down with @truespecgolf ’s Jason Owen (a Master Fitter) and Jeff Ritter (A Director of Instruction who's been named one of the Best Teachers in America by Golf Digest) to unpack those thoughts and learn more about what they do to get golfers ready for the season.

Golf: The Ultimate Opportunity Asset
54 Min

As the game grows in cultural relevance, more and more people have found their ways to use the golf to create the life they want to live. One of them is Matt Cardis - some of you may know his insta account @golfinyourstate. His way of life allows him to be creative in ways people stuck behind desks will never be able to do and see the game evolve on the ground in real time, all across the country. Our other guest is Patrick Donahue. Patrick grew up with the game and now works for the West Golf Association - the guys behind the Evan’s Scholar program - an initiative that empowers youth to pursue their professional dreams by providing full tuition and housing scholarships in exchange for being a part of their junior caddying program. These are two unique proof points that show golf can be so much more than a weekend activity.

What Does it Mean to be a Club?
44 Min

Can a club only be in one place? Is membership limited to a select few? What does it take to apply? As golf grows, there are people looking to change what it means to be a part of a "club". Kristin Finlay is breaking the traditional model with @beachsidegolfclub, a club with one of the strongest male to female ratios. Brendon Thomas, the founder of the @GolfersJournal has launched a series of events all across the country where their members can play, compete and connect... all in an effort to find new ways to create a sense of community and connection.

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