The Fairgame Podcast

Minnesota: The Midwest Golf Mecca

In conversation with Greg Jameel and John Mooty.

51 Min
The Fairgame Podcast

Minnesota: The Midwest Golf Mecca

A 5-Part series with some the people behind the tournament.

51 Min
Greg Jameel

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Greg Jameel
Minnesota: The Midwest Golf Mecca
51 Min

We hit up a few of our friends from Minnesota to learn more about the golf scene in their hometown and what they’ve been up to this season. One is John Mooty, the man behind Sentinel Golf, a modern golf accessory brand making some major moves in the golf space. The other is Greg Jameel, the Program Director at the Solomon Hughes Jr. Golf Academy, a youth focused program in Minneapolis that uses golf as a bridge to encourage academic and athletic greatness.

Cavy Designs Illustration of Golfer
Nothin' But Love for the Northeast
57 Min

This episode is dedicated to the Northeast. Ok, we might be biased, but there’s something really special about golf up here (even though there’s always a chance it might snow in May).For this episode we’ve got 2 up and coming guys in the golf space from our neck of the woods. The first is Dan Sullivan, founder of Solo Golf Co. The other is Christopher Cavanaugh of CAVY design. Both call the Northeast home and are bringing fresh and unique perspectives to the game through their creations.

We're at the 150th Open Championship!
53 Min

Making a tournament of this magnitude run smoothly is no small feat and there are tons of people behind the scenes that tirelessly work around the clock toward that common goal. We met up with a few of them to get their perspectives on the gear, the course, the content and the fan experience.

Will the International Team take the Cup on American soil?
40 Min

Golf at the professional level has been very exciting this year. There’s been some pretty epic performance on the course (remember Rory and Colin’s double hole out on 18 at Augusta? One Sunday?). New rivalries across the sport have emerged and have permeated just about every conversation across the globe. For this episode we’re chatting with Trevor Immelman - the 2008 Masters Champion and captain of the International team for the Presidents Cup. Trevor has also played golf in 3 different tours over his career - this guy knows a lot about golf and we had to get his perspective on the game and how he's getting ready for the epic showdown at Quail Hollow.

True Spec Golf Fitting Facility
New Clubs? More Lessons? Let's Ask the Experts.
63 Min

For this episode, we’re sitting down with @truespecgolf ’s Jason Owen (a Master Fitter) and Jeff Ritter (A Director of Instruction who's been named one of the Best Teachers in America by Golf Digest) to unpack those thoughts and learn more about what they do to get golfers ready for the season.

Golf: The Ultimate Opportunity Asset
54 Min

As the game grows in cultural relevance, more and more people have found their ways to use the golf to create the life they want to live. One of them is Matt Cardis - some of you may know his insta account @golfinyourstate. His way of life allows him to be creative in ways people stuck behind desks will never be able to do and see the game evolve on the ground in real time, all across the country. Our other guest is Patrick Donahue. Patrick grew up with the game and now works for the West Golf Association - the guys behind the Evan’s Scholar program - an initiative that empowers youth to pursue their professional dreams by providing full tuition and housing scholarships in exchange for being a part of their junior caddying program. These are two unique proof points that show golf can be so much more than a weekend activity.

What Does it Mean to be a Club?
44 Min

Can a club only be in one place? Is membership limited to a select few? What does it take to apply? As golf grows, there are people looking to change what it means to be a part of a "club". Kristin Finlay is breaking the traditional model with @beachsidegolfclub, a club with one of the strongest male to female ratios. Brendon Thomas, the founder of the @GolfersJournal has launched a series of events all across the country where their members can play, compete and connect... all in an effort to find new ways to create a sense of community and connection.

AJ Voelpel & David Diliberto
Golf as an Artful Outlet
73 Min

There's something about golf that attracts artists, photographers and designers. Maybe it's the fresh air? Or the fact that it's an escape from being in front of the computer? In this episode, Andrew sits down with AJ Voelpel, the man behind @goodboyoriginals / the director of content @municipal and David Diliberto, the founder of @golfiecture to learn what got them into the game and what inspires the artful and design forward golf-centric things that they create.

Lauren Prince - Episode 15
Female Golfers on Style, Gear & Experiences
54 Min

There are more people playing golf today than ever before.. and women make up a pretty large chunk of that group. In this episode Andrew links up with Jaimie Geier (from the Fairgame team) who's just gotten into the the game and Lauren Prince (@guiltyofgolf) to learn more about their experiences in golf from every angle.

Our First Collab Podcast with Group Golf Therapy
90 Min

Sharing unique perspectives on golf is what we're about at Fairgame... and the guys over at are doing exactly that. In this "collab pod" episode, Andrew chats with Drew, Connor and Brad to learn more about the mission behind their podcast and what excites them about the direction that golf is going in.

The Makers of Golf - Nic Mulflur & Rob Collins

Most things in golf (and life) are mass-manufactured for speed and reach. In this episode, we link up with Nic Mulflur (@mackenziegolfbags) and Rob Collins (@kingcollinsgolf), two craftsmen in the game that do things a little differently in order to reach today's golfer while standing the test of time.

Christian Hafer & Cole Young - Podcast Guests
The Creative Side of Golf with Christian Hafer & Cole Young
68 Min

In this episode, Christian Hafer (Photographer/Videographer) and Cole Young (Founder of Metalwood Studio) sit down with Andrew for a discussion around how they each use their creative skillsets to redefine what golf looks like today and what it can become for the next generation.

Podcast guests Roger Steele & Brice Butler
New Year, New Voices: Brice Butler & Roger Steele
64 MIN

In this fresh roundtable format, Andrew and guests share stories about how they got into the game, the athlete mindset, diversity within golf and more.

The Lost Episode with Andrew Haynes
47 MIN

In late summer Eric, Ben and Adam Scott sat down with Creative Director Andrew Haynes to chat about what's it's like golfing in New York City, being the only fan at the U.S. Open and more.

Michael Williams playing golf in clothing that fits his modern style.
Breaking Down Golf's Dated Dresscode
44 MIN

Michael Williams strives for on-course style to simply be... better. In this episode of the Fairgame podcast, he joins Eric, Ben and Adam Scott and shares how his experience in the menswear inspired him to create ACL golf, a site on a mission to sharing the good in golf (while looking good doing it).

Ashley Mayo - Turning a Passion for Golf Into a #Revolution
46 MIN

In this Episode of the Fairgame Podcast, Eric, Ben and Adam Scott sit down with Ashley Mayo, an industry changemaker who started as a journalist and has become one of the most influential people in modern golf media.