The Fairgame Podcast

Photography, Kiwi Golf and Vintage Nike Clubs

In conversation with Greg Jameel and John Mooty.

57 Min
The Fairgame Podcast

Photography, Kiwi Golf and Vintage Nike Clubs

In conversation with Stuart Kerr & Luke Leesburg.

57 Min
Episode 35: Stuart Kerr & Luke Leesburg

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Episode 35: Stuart Kerr & Luke Leesburg
Photography, Kiwi Golf and Vintage Nike Clubs
57 Min

For this episode we went global and invited Stuart Kerr, a plumber turned photographer from Scotland (who now lives in Australia) and Luke Leesburg, a club pro from New Zealand who’s now pursuing a career and photography to join us for a conversation. This episode is a great example of no matter how massive the world may seem, a lot of us are chasing the same things; the career of our dreams, opportunities to experience different cultures, and every opportunity to play golf.

Episode 34 - The Indoor Golf Revolution
The Indoor Golf Revolution
54 Min

In a perfect world we’d all have time to play a 4 hour round twice a week, hit the range and work on our lag putting in the backyard. Unless you’re Tiger Woods, that’s probably isn’t the case. With that in mind, there’s been a wave of emerging brands that leverage technology and other modern day tools to create golf experiences that can happen in our living rooms or in the middle of Manhattan. We have two of those brand founders on the podcast today - Jared Solomon from Five Iron Golf and Matthew Allard from Puttr.

Episode 33: Cris Whitehead and Drew Westphal
It's Masters Week!
70 Min

Our favorite time of the year is officially here. Things are warming up across the country and we’ve been able to sneak in a few rounds to knock some off the winter rust. Most of all, the first Major of the year is about to kick off in Augusta, Georgia. It’s truly a week like no other. For this episode we’ve got two of our favorite Fairgamers on to talk about all kinds of stuff (including who they think is going to win a green jacket this week).

Episode 32: Jain Golf
Getting to Know Golf's Emerging Brands
42 Min

This year we’ll be creating episodes with new brands you may have never heard of and sit down with the founders to learn more about the inspiration behind what they do and what we as consumers (and golf nerds) can keep an eye out for. This episode features Chris Hovsepian from Jain Golf and Tony Wagner from Fiori Golf.

Episode 31: Courses You Need to Play
Can a Round of Golf Be Amazing & Accessible? You Bet.
57 Min

While spiraling on @ziregolf content, there was a post (originally from another account) called @coursesyouneedtoplay that got our attention. These guys are taking a fresh approach to golf course recommendations by highlighting affordable, accessible tracks in a friendly format on the 'gram. We slid in the DMs to get them on the pod to learn more about each of them and the genesis behind their page.

Hello New Zealand!
60 MIn

We’ve been expanding the Fairgame app to more countries and regions that officially include Australia and New Zealand! Now that we’re connected to golfers down under we wanted to get a couple of them on the pod to find out more about the game in their neck of the woods. The first is Grace Rokela, the Marketing Director at Te Arai Links - a new and pretty epic course that we cant wait to play. The second is Dan Fantl, the founder of Fantl Sport, a new golf apparel brand with a modern minimalist vibe.

Episode 29: Students Golf
What Will Golf Look Like In 2023?
59 Min

We brought two tastemakers along for this episode - one is Ray Mate, an all around creative who loves golf and has nearly two decades of experience in streetwear, fashion and footwear. The other is Michael Huynh, founder of Students Golf, a new label in the space. We’ll cover a wide range of topic but we’ll first spend a little time getting to know these guys and what they’ve been up to recently.

Oregon is Where it's At
49 Min

For this episode we’re heading west to Oregon to spend some time with the founders of two awesome brands based in the Pacific Northwest. The first is Akbar Chisti, the founder of Seamus Golf, one of the biggest golf accessory brands out there. The second is Sam Hahn of L.A.B. Golf is a modern brand on a mission to simplify the game by improving performance on the green to help golfers save a few strokes off their scorecard. If you're looking for a tip on the perfect Oregon golf itinerary, be sure to stick around to the end. It's totally worth it.

Adam, Ben & Eric Are Back on the Podcast
40 Min

For this episode, we have all three Fairgame founders (Adam Scott, Ben Clymer and Eric Mayville) back on the podcast for a fun discussion on a variety of topics, including the origin story behind the creation of this very company.

Kira Dixon and Tisha Lynn: New Faces in Golf Media
48 Min

As golf continues to evolve, new faces and personalities have emerged, making the game more enjoyable across every aspect of our lives. For this episode, we have two rising stars (Tisha Lynn and Kira Dixon) on the podcast to share their experiences and what it takes to make it in modern day media.

Understanding the Business Side of Golf
45 Min

We’ve got a special guest with us for this episode. Before Adam (The 2013 Masters Champion and Fairgame co-founder) there was another Scott with a deep connection to the game. That man is Phil Scott and he’s spent decades working in golf and we had to have him on the podcast to learn more about his background, what he’s been up to, and maybe hear some funny stories about Adam’s early days.

Bethpage Black is Hard... For Some of Us
66 Min

We’ve been spending time with golfers all over the country (which we love!) but we decided to make Episode 24 all about our hometown and link up with two local golfers. The first is Neil Tan (@publicdripgolf), a Brooklyn-based designer, photographer and father who gets out every chance he can. The second is Liz Breed (@shank.haney), a professional golfer turned teaching pro who knows tons about golf swing, and has a pretty solid game, too.

Greg Jameel
Minnesota: The Midwest Golf Mecca
51 Min

We hit up a few of our friends from Minnesota to learn more about the golf scene in their hometown and what they’ve been up to this season. One is John Mooty, the man behind Sentinel Golf, a modern golf accessory brand making some major moves in the golf space. The other is Greg Jameel, the Program Director at the Solomon Hughes Jr. Golf Academy, a youth focused program in Minneapolis that uses golf as a bridge to encourage academic and athletic greatness.

Cavy Designs Illustration of Golfer
Nothin' But Love for the Northeast
57 Min

This episode is dedicated to the Northeast. Ok, we might be biased, but there’s something really special about golf up here (even though there’s always a chance it might snow in May).For this episode we’ve got 2 up and coming guys in the golf space from our neck of the woods. The first is Dan Sullivan, founder of Solo Golf Co. The other is Christopher Cavanaugh of CAVY design. Both call the Northeast home and are bringing fresh and unique perspectives to the game through their creations.

We're at the 150th Open Championship!
53 Min

Making a tournament of this magnitude run smoothly is no small feat and there are tons of people behind the scenes that tirelessly work around the clock toward that common goal. We met up with a few of them to get their perspectives on the gear, the course, the content and the fan experience.

Will the International Team Take the Cup on American Soil?
40 Min

Golf at the professional level has been very exciting this year. There’s been some pretty epic performance on the course (remember Rory and Colin’s double hole out on 18 at Augusta? One Sunday?). New rivalries across the sport have emerged and have permeated just about every conversation across the globe. For this episode we’re chatting with Trevor Immelman - the 2008 Masters Champion and captain of the International team for the Presidents Cup. Trevor has also played golf in 3 different tours over his career - this guy knows a lot about golf and we had to get his perspective on the game and how he's getting ready for the epic showdown at Quail Hollow.