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Swing Thoughts
Swing Thoughts, Episode 4: Fred Couples

In this episode, Adam and Fred hit the range at Pelican Hill Golf Club and talk about their experiences from college to golf’s greatest stage. Gloves optional.

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What's in the bag
What's in the Bag for The Open Championship

Take a look at Adam's Scott's setup for the Old Course.

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Swing Thoughts with Adam Scott

Champion Golfer Adam Scott hits the range with golfers at every level to smack a few balls, obsess over gear, swap tips and share laughs.

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Swing Thoughts, Episode 4: Fred Couples

11:31 Min

In this episode, Adam and Fred hit the range at Pelican Hill Golf Club and talk about their experiences from college to golf’s greatest stage. Gloves optional.

Swing Thoughts, Episode 3: Jon Buscemi

9:42 Minutes

Jon Buscemi has designed footwear that has been worn by some of the biggest names in pop culture (Bieber included). He's also VERY into golf.

Swing Thoughts, Episode 2: Ben Clymer

10 Minutes

Ben Clymer is a well-known founder, host, journalist and all-around creator in the world of watches. However, his passion for well-made things doesn’t stop at the wrist.

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The Fairgame Podcast

Fairgame Creative Director Andrew Haynes and Champion golfer Adam Scott, along with special guests, discuss golf, life and everything in between.

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Episode 35: Stuart Kerr & Luke Leesburg
Photography, Kiwi Golf and Vintage Nike Clubs
57 Min

For this episode we went global and invited Stuart Kerr, a plumber turned photographer from Scotland (who now lives in Australia) and Luke Leesburg, a club pro from New Zealand who’s now pursuing a career and photography to join us for a conversation. This episode is a great example of no matter how massive the world may seem, a lot of us are chasing the same things; the career of our dreams, opportunities to experience different cultures, and every opportunity to play golf.

Episode 34 - The Indoor Golf Revolution
The Indoor Golf Revolution
54 Min

In a perfect world we’d all have time to play a 4 hour round twice a week, hit the range and work on our lag putting in the backyard. Unless you’re Tiger Woods, that’s probably isn’t the case. With that in mind, there’s been a wave of emerging brands that leverage technology and other modern day tools to create golf experiences that can happen in our living rooms or in the middle of Manhattan. We have two of those brand founders on the podcast today - Jared Solomon from Five Iron Golf and Matthew Allard from Puttr.

Episode 33: Cris Whitehead and Drew Westphal
It's Masters Week!
70 Min

Our favorite time of the year is officially here. Things are warming up across the country and we’ve been able to sneak in a few rounds to knock some off the winter rust. Most of all, the first Major of the year is about to kick off in Augusta, Georgia. It’s truly a week like no other. For this episode we’ve got two of our favorite Fairgamers on to talk about all kinds of stuff (including who they think is going to win a green jacket this week).

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