Ways to Play

Best Ball

Best ball hero
The name says it all.

It's a great game that allows you to play a serious solo round and team round at the same time. After each hole, the player with the lowest score (or best ball) serves as the team's score. The most imporant thing? Having at least one player keep it together on a hole.

How to Play

2 - 4
9 or 18
Holes Played
Playing Setup
Setting the Teams

Teams can be created with two people or a group up to four. To decide who plays with who you can spin a tee, toss balls into the air, get into a shouting match — whatever works for you. Pro tip: Having players that are strong in various areas will set you up for success (off the tee, approach, putting)

Each player plays their ball from tee to green - every stroke is counted. With that in mind, handicaps be implemented to keep things fair. Stroke allowances can be adjusted at round setup.

Setting the Wager

If you set a wager in a Best Ball, the amount is one flat bet - meaning whichever team wins the match wins the bet.

Starting the Game

There are a few ways to determine who starts the game. We usually opt for a coin toss or a tee spin. 

After the first hole, you can follow tee box honors with the player who scored the lowest. You can also alternate players or play "ready golf" (whoever is ready to go tees off.


Scoring is easy in a Best Ball. Each player in the group plays their own ball (every shot) all the way to the hole. The best score represents the team on each hole. For example, if three players bogey and one get a par, the group get a par for that hole.

Since your playign every shot, focus is essential. You never know when might be the one to carry the hole for the squad. Good luck out there.