Ways to Play


Go Low. Have Fun.

Scrambles are one of the most fun games. They give every player a chance to contribute and have no effect on your handicap. Win win.

How to Play

2 to 4
Holes Played
Playing Setup
Setting the Teams

Teams can be created with two people or a group of four. To decide who plays with who you can spin a tee, toss balls into the air, get into a shouting match — whatever works for you. Pro tip: Having players that are strong in various areas will set you up for success (off the tee, approach, putting)

Each team gets multiple attempts at the same shot, with the best one taken from every shot. With that in mind, handicaps are not used in scrambles (you're already getting multiples chances, let's not get greedy).

Setting the Wager

If you set a wager in a scramble, the amount is one flat bet - meaning whichever team wins the match wins the bet.

Starting the Game

There are a few ways to determine who starts the game. We usually opt for a coin toss or a tee spin. 

Its a good rule of thumb to strategize on the tee order. For example, an accurate driver player can go first to set the team up for success. With that insurance policy in play a big bitter (who may spray it) can wail on the ball and see what happens. Every shot can follow this strategy - have a ball in play, then get aggressive with the remaining shots.


Scoring is easy in a Scramble. Each player in the group hits a shot with the best outcome for each being counted towards the total stroke count.

Off the tee the group selects the best shot hit (most times whoever is the closest to the hole or in the fairway). From there, you select the best shot in to the green.

Putting follows the same approach. Pro tip: If the first player to putt misses, pay close attention. Whoever is left to hit can use that data to adjust their shot to set the team up for success. Pars are good. Birdies are essential.